About the Skills Hub

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The Skills Hub is an open access resource containing videos, guides, interactive tutorials and blog posts covering core academic skills areas at an array of levels.  It is for use by students, schools, researchers and the community.

The material on the Skills Hub is mainly created in-house by Library and Learning Services staff, in particular, by Academic Librarians and Academic Practice Tutors.  In addition, we have selected material from other external open access sources that we think is valuable.

The Skills Hub administration and platform development team consists of Georgina Dimmock (Head of Academic Liaison) and Marlies Shepperdson (Learning Development Support Assistant), with special thanks to Nick Dimmock (Research Information Specialist) for technical advice.

For information about the Skills Hub, the platform and the content development process, please contact Georgina Dimmock – georgina.dimmock@northampton.ac.uk