Learning Development

Learning Development Team

Learning Development, is a team of tutors who offer guidance and tuition to all students to enhance their academic, mathematical and study skills. These include:

  • essay writing
  • critical analysis
  • presentation skills
  • time management
  • revision and exam techniques
  • maths skills and support

Every student has a different approach to learning and we support students in a range of ways, seven days a week via:

  • class-based workshops
  • one-to-one tutorials
  • telephone and online tutorials
  • face-to-face drop-in sessions
  • study guides and videos
  • interactive online activities
  • Maths drop-in sessions and study guides

Drop-in sessions: We have drop-in sessions available for academic skills | maths and statistics

Study Packs: We offer a wide range of resources from study packs to online interactive materials covering: key academic skills | mathematics | plus statistics

Booking an appointment: We have one-to-one, telephone and skype tutorials available.  To book your first tutorial appointment with us, you can call in to the Library Help Desk on either campus, or email us at learningdevelopment@northampton.ac.uk. Further appointments can be booked through our online student login.

Keywords: drop-in sessions, dropin sessions, one-to-one help

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