Harvard Referencing – Full Guide

Harvard Referencing Guide 6th ed 2016 – PDF

This comprehensive guide explains the purpose of referencing and citing, with examples of how you should reference different formats of material (journals, books, films etc.,), as well as explaining how to cite within your written text.

Produced by Library and Learning Services, University of Northampton.

Harvard Referencing Full Guide – Transcript in Accessible Rich Text Format (rtf) version.

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6 responses to “Harvard Referencing – Full Guide

  1. I would like to see a proper example of the one thing students do the most use, the web!!!! That is find an article on line with no author and no date. The article itself is often valid and I would like to ask if you could show this specifically. Thanks Susan

  2. Hello, just wondered if you could let me know when this new referencing guide came into affect at the uni ?

    • Hi. The guide came into effect in September 2013. We have updated the guide to include examples of how to cite and reference a greater number of web sources and we’ve also updated it in line with the 2010 British Standard and various other guides on the web and in print. However, there is no definitive Harvard Guide (even the British Standard provides different examples of how to reference the same item). If you have been using our old Harvard guide, don’t panic, as the advice given in it was okay, but the new version is more up-to-date. It’s always worth checking with your subject tutor what they like you to use, as different subject disciplines have different referencing preferences.

  3. Hi, i was just wondering if i were to reference a social media site is it the same as referencing and normal website?

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